Screen Test


Social media art project, camera, computer, microphone, screen, steel stand, headphone

Size depends on space, 

Exhibited at The Pier-2 Art Center 

Screen Test is a social media art project by Taiwanese artist Wu Siou Ming. He turned a space into a screen test studio. People come to here be shot, pretending a guy that he want to be, and talking about himself.

Ming tells people that you could totally make up, and you also could talk about your real daily life. However, speech would reflect some kind of truth of their mind and ambition, it interpose between reality and ideology.

And Ming's programming will synchronize analyzing the voice of people by the change of tone and frequency, and turn it into different colors to compose a moving pattern.

Those images created by different people will continue be presented in here, it also be presented outside in the night, become a kind of public project. Their voices will continue be heard by another one, and became a kind of archive of identities and desires.