Facial Sound Mask

Digital print, player, earphone, mirror, custom program


Treasure Hill Artist Village

Everyone has different sound characteristics and frequency distributions, highlighting their own personalities and also highlighting their differences. Taking the stories narrated by the residents of Treasure Hill Village as sound samples, they are transformed into pictures composed of different colors through program analysis, and made into individual color portraits, transforming the residents' life experience during this period into a memorial existence. In addition, it collects the voice data of people related to Treasure Hill Village, and produces more and more colorful portraits of rainbow colors. Extending to the creation of the 2020 Lantern Festival, collecting the colors formed by the interactive sound data of the visitors and the installation during the exhibition, incorporating the voices of people from all corners, forming a variety of color mirrors to continue the interaction between the crowd and the place also contributes to more diversified symbolic meanings of the work, allowing different voices to participate in the discussion of how the inclusiveness of Treasure Hill accumulates, evolves, and depends on the old and the new.