Surrounding Spectrum - Huayin St 

Photograph, Screen, computer, headphones, custom programs, brochures


surrounding spectrum is a long-term plan to read the street and environment landscape from a visual and auditory perspective, to conduct information construction on the aesthetic perception of the environment, and to transform the landscape into color tickets and music through program analysis. It's a way to observe the sensory structure between the environment and the residents. The artist loads the image of the village environment into the program, lets the program capture the color ticket of the image, and uses various color parameters to set up the digital audio and arrange it into the structure of the music, so that the program automatically generates the AI music. Therefore, every image and every landscape has its inner melody that can be heard.

This time was produced based on Huayin St., Taipei City. It is expected to accumulate our care and awareness of the environmental landscape through chromatographic work.